Journals 1991 – Present

1/4 & 1/6/1991 9:40pm

1/4/1991 – 9:40pm

Well here I am again.  I stayed home from school today.  I have a nasty cold and temp.  I must be very sick.  I cleaned my room.  I mean I really cleaned it.  I was supposed to go over Mason’s tonight and Sean was going to come over later.  I blew them both off.  Both are pissed.  Tough shit!  I’m sick for Christ’s sake.  I had the whole night for myself.  It was great!  Mom and Dad are at Perrson’s for dinner. Rick and I ordered pizza.  It was fun.  We just hung out.  It wasn’t too fun though.  I don’t feel very well.  Tomorrow I go see Les Miserables with Sean.  It should be fun.  We’ll see.  John goes back in three days.  He really doesn’t want to go.  I think he knows that we will grow further and further apart and I know we will.  I’m waiting for Mason to call but he may be too pissed to return my call.  He shouldn’t be.  If he is, I’ll tell his ass off.  Well I don’t have much to say.  I think I’ll try and get some sleep.  Maybe Mason will call – Ha Ha.  See ya.

1/6/ 1991 – 12:20am

“Love is the Garden of Youth”. Isn’t that the greatest?  It’s from Les Miserable which I went to see on Broadway today with Sean and his parents.   The play was beautiful.  As far as Sean goes, it went well.  He told me he had fun.  That’s all that really matters.  I think he really did.  On the way home from the train station in the car, he fell asleep in my arms.  It was really wonderful of his parents to treat me to such a day.  After we got back from the show, I went to the Sunset Diner with Mason.  Mom was annoyed.  She said “how can you go from one boy to another like that?”  “It’s easy” I said (which isn’t really true).  I’m beginning to get quite attached to Mason.  Yesterday he said he hates it when I make Sean out to be a god.  He says I do it all the time.  Funny….I didn’t even know I was doing it.  We kind of got in a mini fight.  I think I’ve made a very important decision about Mason and me.  I think we could be really good together as a couple.  I’m not telling him my decision until I’m absolutely sure.  That would be the biggest mistake of my life if you know what I mean.  Well not much more – see ya.

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