Journals 1991 – Present

January 2, 1991 – 7:45pm

[Ok – Here it goes.  This isn’t actually my very first entry, but the first one was so idiotic it was too embarrassing to post.  Keep in mind that I was seventeen when I wrote this.  I’ve edited out some of the really terrible parts and of course the names are changed to protect the innocent.] 

2ndday of 1991.  The years been shitty so far.  I’m doing homework – or was doing homework.  That has to tell you something.  This is the first time this year.  I have so much fuckin’ work to do!  I’ve been working for one hour –with dinner – and that’s enough for me.  I want to call Mason but if mom catches me on the phone I’m dead –really.  I spent ALL of yesterday on the phone.  Rachel’s party was ok – kind of boring.  I treated Tyson like royal shit!  He’s pissed!  Of course he forgave me – what a sucker!  After the “party”, (only Michelle and John showed).  I went to Mason’s and stayed there till 3:00am.  I really like being with him.

My brother Rich really pissed me off at dinner.  He said how everyone on the lighting crew [at school] makes fun of Mason because he’s a pushover.  Then he called him a wimp.   I said “this coming from the guy who can bench an overwhelming 42lbs.” I don’t think you have a lot of room to talk about wimps”.  That pissed him off a lot.  You know – the male ego is a fragile thing.  He got all teary eyed and called me a bitch.  Dad changed the subject quickly.  I heard Rich talking to his friend Jason on the phone about doing drugs.  I don’t think he will.  Rich is an independent guy.  Jason was going to go to see Iron Maiden with us but he got “better seats”.  Rich was pissed.  Jason didn’t want to go with us because Mason’s dad is going.  Mason’s dad loves Maiden!  I’m glad Jason’s going with someone else.  I don’t want him smoking weed in my car for Christ’s sake anyway.  Well back to Mason.  He is kind of a push over but I kind of like that about him.  He doesn’t have the typical make ego.  In fact he kind of has an inferiority complex.  Well I can’t handle this anymore.  I have to get on the phone!  I don’t care what mom says.  I’m addicted!  Maybe I’ll get my applications ready first.  See ya.

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  1. fivereflections

    interesting journal…
    David in Maine USA

    May 3, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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