Journals 1991 – Present

What It’s All About…

This is a project I’ve been planning for a long time.  I’ve been keeping a journal pretty regularly since I was seventeen.  Since I’m now nearing forty, I’ve decided to do something about all of the chicken-scratch filled notebooks I have lying around.  I admit there are a few gaping holes in the time line and some of the entries may not be earth-shattering but I think I’ve had a some-what interesting life and I hope someone out there may find some of it readable.  I welcome all comments and discussion.

I was born in New Jersey but have been living in California for the last eight years.  I’m married and have a ninteen month old daughter.  I attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art from 1991-1996 where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art.  I currently manage a really small hotel and make jewelry, do portraits and lots of other “creative” stuff.  I’m a self-proclaimed tree-hugger and try to live as simple a life as possible.  I’m also very proud to admit that I have three-and-a-half years of sobriety under my belt.

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  1. fivereflections

    nice to meet you
    David in Maine USA

    May 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm

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